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Corporate Governance

Oasis capital is committed to comply with the High Level control Module of the Central Bank of Bahrain’s Rule Book and the Corporate Governance Code issued by the Bahrain Ministry of Industry and Commerce, both of which deal with corporate governance issues.

Oasis Capital consistently seeks to achieve best international corporate governance practice and places great importance on integrity, transparency, accountability, compliance with the law and regulatory requirements, fairness and social responsibility.

Oasis capital’s Board and Board Committee Charters provide the foundation for:

  • The management and oversight of Oasis Capital
  • The promotion of ethical and responsible decision-making
  • Safeguarding integrity in financial reporting
  • Making timely and balanced disclosures
  • Recognising the legitimate rights of all stakeholders
  • Recognising and managing risk
  • Encouraging enhanced performance and remunerating fairly and responsibly

Corporate Governance Guidelines

In accordance with the Corporate Governance Code issued by the Bahrain Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the High Level Control Module of the Central Bank of Bahrain, Oasis Capital has adopted written corporate governance guidelines covering the matters included in the Code, in the HC Module and in the Public Disclosure Module. The guidelines also include other corporate governance matters deemed appropriate by Oasis Capital’s Board of Directors.

Oasis capital’s Board Charter and the Charters of the Board’s Audit, Risk & Corporate Governance Committee, Executive Committee and Nomination & Compensation Committee include the principles of the Code and the rules of the High Level Control Module. The current Charters approved by Oasis capital’s Board of Directors can be provided upon request.

Shareholder Rights

Each share in the Company shall confer equal rights and obligations, for each shareholder registered as owner of the shares of the Company in the Share Register mentioned in Article (12) in these Articles of Association.  Accordingly, a Shareholder shall have the following rights:

  1. to receive the commensurate share of the dividends, when there is a decision to distribute them among of the Shareholders, as per Article (51) of these Articles of Association;
  2. to receive the commensurate proportion of the assets of the Company at the time of liquidation;
  3. to participate in the business of the Company in accordance with these Articles of Association;
  4. to receive a report following the end of each financial year of the Company, which includes the balance sheet, a statement of profit and loss and the reports issued by the Board of Directors and the Auditors;
  5. to file a case before the Court to resolve cancellation of any resolution of the General Assembly or the Board of Directors, which is contrary to any relevant provision of the Law or to the provisions of the Memorandum of Association or these Articles of Association;
  6. the right to review the records of the Company and obtain copies or extracts of its information, but subject to the conditions and provisions provided and setout by the Board of Directors of the Company; and
  7. disposal of the shares owned by him/her/it as per Article (13) of these Articles of Association, and have a priority to subscribe in the new share, as per Article (18) of these Articles of Association and in accordance with the provisions of the Law, while taking into consideration the provisions and decisions governing the rules, conditions and procedures for acquisitions and mergers issued by the Central Bank.

Shareholder meetings

Oasis capital’s shareholders are encouraged to attend, participate in and vote at Oasis Capital’s shareholder meetings, including the Annual General Meeting which takes place around March/April each year.

Meeting notices, agenda and Chairman’s explanatory letter

Meeting notices, agenda and the accompanying explanatory letter from the Chairman of the Board will be dispatched to Oasis Capital’s shareholders not less than 21 days before each shareholder meeting, in accordance with statutory requirements.

Shareholders may obtain copies of previous shareholder meeting notices, agenda and the Chairman’s explanatory letters upon request to Oasis capital’s CEO, whose contact details are set out below.

Proxy forms

If a shareholder is unable to attend a shareholder meeting, the appropriate corporate or individual proxy form should be completed in order to appoint the shareholder’s representative or, alternatively, Oasis Capital’s share registrars (Keypoint Consulting) to attend the meeting and vote at it on the shareholder’s behalf.

A completed, signed and dated paper copy of the appropriate proxy form should be sent to Keypoint Consulting at the address stated at the end of the shareholder meeting notice and agenda, to arrive not less than 48 hours before the commencement of the meeting.

Minutes of shareholder meetings

Oasis Capital’s shareholders are entitled to obtain a copy of shareholder meeting minutes which will be prepared in Arabic. If you would like a copy of the minutes of a particular shareholder meeting, please contact Oasis Capital’s CEO, whose contact details are below.

Annual report and financial statements

After the end of each financial year, shareholders will be sent a copy of Oasis Capital’s annual report which sets out, amongst other matters, Oasis Capital’s balance sheet and its profit and loss account for the previous financial year, together with the reports of Oasis Capital’s Board of Directors and its auditors.

Shareholder enquiries

  • Please contact Oasis Capital’s CEO, Dr Farid Al Mulla, by telephone on +973 1750 6666


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility refers to the continued commitment by the company to act ethically and contribute to sustainable development of the society in general, its shareholders and employees through all the activities and responsibilities carried out which may impact the society or environment that the Company operates in.

Oasis Capital strives to ensure that all actions and activities carried out are consistent with the interests of society and its sustainable development; Oasis Capital ensures that it consistently operates in a manner that minimizes detrimental impacts to society and environment.

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